In the Hands of Children

Dear knitters,

This is a blanket with a story. It is a story of many kind ladies who knitted squares in their retirement homes. It is a story of high-school children who started putting it together. Then work-to-rule happened, and the high-school knitting club was cancelled. The blanket was waiting for another group of children to finish it.

Then the March break happened and a group of 10- and 11-year-old girls stitched the squares together but the break was short and they didn’t finish it.

Then summer came and summer camps started. One was called String Along with Us, and along we strung. The blanket was finally finished! During our morning meeting, we held it up and told some 85 school-age kids that they were capable of making a real difference in their communities, one stitch at a time.

So here is the blanket. It was made by many hands, young and not-so-young… and it is beautiful and ready to be donated to the Phoenix Youth Shelter.

blanket 3


blanket 1

blanket 2


As I was taking photos of the blanket, these guys appeared in my backyard. Even though these deer did not contribute to the blanket… they showed up and became a part of the story. And this is the end.


Hello knitters,

Here is a great cause to donate your craft supplies or to get them, too! This is the message from the local charity group that helps African grandmothers who are raising children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

We are having our annual Fabric & Yarn Sale in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation Grandmothers Campaign again this year on April 28 at Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Dartmouth. We are looking for donations of  fabric, yarn, sewing, quilting and knitting supplies, notions and craft supplies.  We would also love to have your knitters come and purchase yarn for the various projects that you do.

Hello, dear knitters!

A while ago I wrote a post about knitted breasts used as learning tools to teach new mothers about breastfeeding. Well, good news — there is a need for more!

This time the message comes from the Birthing Unit of the IWK Health Centre. The head of the Volunteer Resources asked for 30 (thirty!) knitted breasts so that every nurse could have one.

I think this is awesome and I would love to help. The problem is, I can’t make all of them in a timely manner. Anyone wants to pitch in? If yes, here is the pattern. Please leave a note in the comments below or send a message with the number of knitted breasts you plan to make.

Please use a variety of skin-coloured yarns and if you want to see possible modifications of the pattern for different breast types, please refer to the original post. Thank you!

You can drop off your knitted breast models at:

IWK Volunteer Resources
5850/5980 University Avenue
Halifax, NS  B3K 6R8

or mail them to:

Volunteer Resources
IWK Health Centre
PO BOX 9700
Halifax, NS B3K 6R8