Knitting Groups in Halifax

As promised, I made a list of knitting groups around Halifax, after checking with people who run them. They confirmed the times and locations, and provided descriptions to reflect the spirit. Some are a bit structured, some are very informal. I am more or less familiar with four groups and can say there is something for everyone. These groups are not associated with the charity knitting blog, some of them have their own charity projects; some members knit for charities, some don’t. The list is impartial, like a public service announcement, although I could say something nice about the groups I attended. Clicking on the group’s name will take you to its Ravelry page where you can ask more questions.

I am sure there are other groups in the area — in local coffee shops, libraries, churches, senior residences, high-schools, and various workplaces. If you attend an awesome knitting group that is not listed here, would you mind sharing in the comments?



Fireside Knitters

All knitters are invited to bring their favourite project to out cozy cafe for an informal social time of knitting and conversation with fellow knitters from many different parts of the world. Share stories, knitting tips, and make new friends! Donations of yarn are always welcome! Keshen Goodman Library, bi-weekly, Wednesday, 10-11:30 am. (September 4,18; October 2, 16, 30),


“We are a group of knitters from all levels, including those learning to knit to those who may be considered pros, who get together once a month for knitting, socializing, sharing and learning. We meet on the first Monday of the month unless otherwise noted at 7 p.m. at the Joseph Howe Superstore in Halifax. All are welcome.”

Knitting Out Loud: HRM knitters

“We meet Tuesdays at Cafe Ristoretto (in Bishop’s Landing down on the waterfront) from around 7 pm until 9:30 pm. We’re an eclectic group of knitters (some would call us a motley crew) who reside in the HRM. We get together to knit, gab, bitch, and laugh hysterically at sometimes bawdy humour. Hence the title.”

Evening Knitting Group

Every Monday night 6 to 8pm at Humanity Cafe (Conner of Young and Agricola)



Dartmouth Knitters and Brave Trevellers

“This group is for those of us who meet in Dartmouth on Wednesday nights around 7 pm. We meet at the Starbucks inside Chapters at Mic Mac Mall. We don’t have a lot of rules, or any real listed rules to be honest. But keep in mind: This group is listed as mature because it is for grown-ups. 18 years or older. Other than that, just don’t be an ass and you’ll be fine.” Note: please check the group’s discussion board on Ravelry to make sure the meeting takes place.


Cole Harbour

Knitting for Charity

“We meet monthly, every fourth Wednesday evening 6:30 pm-8:30 pm starting in September 2016. Please contact us for meeting dates during summer of 2016. We meet at the Cole Harbour Public Library which is in Cole Harbour Place at 51 Forest Hills Parkway in Cole Harbour. No need to register, it’s a drop-in format. Anyone with further questions can call our Information Desk at 490-3821.”


Mahone Bay

Have a Yarn, Tuesday Afternoon Knitting Group

Join us Tuesday afternoons 1:00-4:00 pm for knitting and tea at Have a Yarn. Knit and chat with fellow knitting enthusiasts. Bring your knitting and a chair!
Can’t make it to our Tuesday afternoon knitting group? Join us Thursday evenings from 7 pm to 9 pm for some relaxing and social knitting, free of charge.



Gaspereau Valley Fibres Knitting Group

Join us on Thursday afternoons from 1 – 4:30 pm and Tuesday evenings from 6-9 pm. Bring your knitting, rug hooking, spinning, or felting and inspire and be inspired by fellow fibre enthusiasts. All levels of skill are welcome and help is always available.

5 thoughts on “Knitting Groups in Halifax

  1. Olha, I have just been donated 8 bags of wool, in good condition. I can take to Keshen Goodman on Friday, but as there is a lot, wonder if there is anywhere else needs it.

    1. Hi Pauline,

      I am not sure if Keshen-Goodman needs yarn now… Another great group meets Cole Harbour Public Library, and they made beautiful blankets! If you call 490-3825 and ask for Shelly Brush, she might let you know if they need yarn for their projects. Thanks!

  2. You can add an evening knitting group: Every Monday night 6 to 8pm at Humanity Cafe (Conner of Young and Agricola)

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