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A few days ago I received an email about World Wide Knit in Public Day from the Scandinavian Society of Nova Scotia.  It made me think about my experiences of knitting in public, and not only on this day.

For example, today I was knitting a sock. I was the only person in the room full of conference attendees with the needles in my hands. The person who was presenting, a well-known educator and a public speaker, mentioned in passing that she was a knitter. As soon as a small group discussion started, I marched up to her and asked her permission to knit. I assured her that I can do it almost automatically without getting distracted and that I am not bored. She graciously allowed and the sock for my son grew a little bit.

sock in progress

I often knit in unexpected places. I knit while taking classes at the college. I knit on the playgrounds, on the beach, on the planes. I knit when I visit my friends. I knit during long First Aid courses — it helps bring the anxiety down. Once, I knit a mitten while playing soccer with my 4-year-old boy. It seems that both knitters and non-knitters don’t mind it as long as I ask them about it. I would love to hear what you think about taking your projects with you and working on them while you are our and about.

If knitting outdoors at the beautiful Public Gardens speaks to you, please read the message below. I definitely plan to come and finally finish that sock!

(Knitting for Fun Group)


World Wide Knit in Public Day

SATURDAY, 18TH OF JUNE, 2016 – 1 to 3:30 p.m (no rain date).


JOIN US at the Family Lawn area of the Gardens
(corner of Spring Garden Rd & Summer St.)


We welcome all fine arts enthusiasts! Bring a project of your choice and join us for conversation and knitting (crocheting, embroidery, etc.)! Halifax Public Gardens will provide benches. Bring a blanket to sit on, water and snacks, if you wish. 
Special thanks to HRM and staff at the Halifax Public Gardens for making this event possible.”

p.s. Sock update: I did finish the socks but it took me so long that my son grew and they don’t fit him any more. Good thing, I have a daughter.

sock in progress (2)


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What does knitting, stand up comedy, and charity have in common? Today’s celebration of World Wide Knit in Public day at Yuk-Yuk’s stand up comedy club to benefit The Canadian Liver Foundation. It was organized by Rachel, the owner of From Ewe to You yarn shop in Lower Sackville.

To tell you the truth, I only saw sixteen knitters openly behaving as such in the crowd. Incredibly, four of those were young guys.

This is one of them.

Each knitter got an invitation to KNIT SOMETHING GOOD event (see, on the table?) but I will tell you about it later.

I finished this thing, and I will also tell you about it later. And I made a plain tube of the same size and shape just because I had needles in my hands. Strange experience.

Since I am not a stand up comedy critic, I can only say that I laughed a lot. Mark Little was there, you might have seen him in  Just for Laughs and most recently in Mister D TV show that was filmed in Halifax. However, it was Brett Martin who really put knitting in the spotlight. I mean, literally. He borrowed a dishcloth in progress from one of two knitting guys in the front row and tried to make some sense out of it for a good part of his show. He ended up just wrapping the yarn around both needles and ‘ruined’ knitting cost him a beer. But it seemed that in the process he went through three stages every new knitter goes through:




So, how hard can it be, Brett, how hard can it be?

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Today we knit in public. In a pub. In a public pub. Would it be too much to suggest that if it rains during your World Wide Knit in Public day (as it did today in Halifax), you could still make it to your Would Wide Knit in a Pub day? As an official plan B, you know? So, thanks to HRM WWKIP group, the day was saved.

There were about 25 knitters there and we had the whole room to ourselves. Two attending babies brought their moms who happened to be knitters. There were awesome door prizes from local yarn stores, LK Yarns and The Loop, and a tray of delicious cookies from Ciboulette Café.

Also, look what knitters made for the IWK!

That cute bear is made with self-striping yarn but it looks like he is wearing cute summer-y pants. Which immediately gave me an idea to try making comfort dolls with self-striping yarn instead of joining new yarn for different clothing items and then dealing with all those loose ends… If you know of something suitable, please leave a comment.

Also, the game is on. So far I am only taking people’s names for the raffle, and if you want to win these things, you don’t have rely on luck alone. There are two prizes for prolific knitters, and so far we have 4 hats/bears and 10 puppets as top numbers. Whoever makes most puppets, and also dolls/bears/hats combined wins a prize.

For those who didn’t make it to the HRM WWKIP today, keep an eye for the charity knitting display announcements. (I kept typing and deleting the next sentence because I want to sound intriguing but don’t have enough information to start actual planning.) So I gave up and will say just one thing — please draw a little ball of yarn with needles on your calendar,  Saturday, June 23. If this idea works, we will have some knitting fun and do all things we couldn’t do today because of the rain. If not, we will have a draw and announce winners on that day.

How does that sound?

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