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In my last post, I mentioned a few cat toy patterns for theĀ NS SPCA Metro Halifax Shelter. One of my readers pointed out that there was a broken link to the crocheted ball pattern. Also, I decided to add a crocheted mouse pattern, just in case you get inspired by these photos.

“Is it a mouse? Or a rat? It’s a bit large for a mouse… or maybe it’s because I am small? Can I eat it? Does it run? Is it soft? I think it is. I bet it is. I think I am gonna keep it.”

“M-m-m. Mouse.”

Also, the shelter is always looking for pet blankets, the only requirement is that they are machine washable. I was practicing making afghan squares for the next big project and they became this little pet blanket. It measures about 20 x 20 inches and would probably fit a cat or a small dog. However, you can make your blanket any reasonable size.

In addition, you can click here for the list of the ten most needed items listed by the provincial shelter; their address is 5 Scarfe Court, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1W4, phone (902) 468-7877.


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Here is a little project for animal lovers — toys for cats at the animal shelter. They take little time and little yarn… and aren’t they cute?

A few weeks ago I happened to look at the Facebook page for NS SPCA Halifax Shelter, and among ten most critical items were cat toys — ball- and mouse-type without catnip. I followed a provided pattern and made two.

The bigger one in light lilac was made with 4 mm needles as specified in the pattern. However, for the second darker mouse I used 3.5 mm needles. I like it better cause it’s a bit smaller and the fabric is denser.

The contact person at the shelter provided another pattern for a crocheted ball. She also mentioned that these mice should be done without a nose and whiskers and that the shelter has volunteers who can stuff them and saw them up. All you need is to knit a little triangle with the tail and two little ears, and then deliver them to the shelter.


The Nova Scotia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty: Protecting animals from cruelty since 1877, the Nova Scotia SPCA is a registered charity, comprised of a network of Branches, which rely primarily on volunteers and donations to fund animal protection, care and rehabilitation, advocacy, and humane education.

Shelter’s address: 5 Scarfe Court, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1W4, phone (902) 468-7877.

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