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Recently I started contacting local non-profit organizations inquiring about knitted items they could use this cold season. The first in line is SHYM, Supportive Housing for Young Mothers. They asked for hats and mittens for toddlers, and baby items for newborns.

Young women that currently live there have four toddlers, three infants, and three unborn babies. I happened to have lighter acrylic hats in all sizes for the in-between season — they¬† were dropped off today. However, there is a need for warmer hats and mittens for toddlers. The three babies are usually not going out in a cold weather and when they do, they are all bundled up. So, while you are more than welcome to make something for them, in practical terms, babies are all set.

Now, toddlers that range from 20 month to 2.5 years are relentless explorers and have so much fun playing outside. All snow related activities are a great way to release extra energy and get some fresh air. If you decide to knit a hat, please choose a pattern with ear flaps or nice ribbing to make sure the hat will stay on. For privacy reasons I didn’t ask about the gender and age of children… so please treat it as any other charity knitting and go with what you like. Your items will fit someone.

I really enjoy knitting mittens for my children. These pictures are from the last year, and kids are growing out of them, so I will be making a few new pairs. Care to join me in knitting some mitts?

This is a simple make-as-you-go pattern that is based on hand measurements and a gauge. I am sure you can find a ton of patterns on Ravelry or make up your own. The yarn is 100% wool, single-ply Aran weight, and it made really nice and warm fabric with 4 mm needles. Also, if you are a fan of double knitting or Fair-isle, those techniques produce really toasty mittens for little hands.

Also, there are three pregnant women that are allowed to live at SHYM during their last trimester. If you feel like welcoming their babies in the world with a blanket, a baby hat or booties, your gift will be greatly appreciated.

Please refer to SHYM website for the list of other ongoing needs in case you might have household or baby items that you no longer need and could donate.

SHYM address is 4 Mount Hope Avenue, Dartmouth NS, B2Y 4K1, and other contact information can be found here.



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