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Random post from the past

I started writing this a while ago but didn’t have time to finish. I have something else to show you but it needs its own post. So here it is, a post from the past.

Remember the children hats from the older post? I had been knitting some more and about 15 hats were donated to an afterschool program in Spryfield. Also, look at this scarf! It came from The Loop on Barrington St but I don’t know who exactly made it. Beautiful, eh? It was so long that it reached the ground even when wrapped around the neck. Luckily, it was knit lengthwise and I was able to make two scarves by cutting it in half with scissors, unravelling about 15 cm, and tying the fringe. (The knitters, who witnessed the cutting part during our knitting night, gasped). These two scarves, together with a cowl, were also donated to the afterschool program to keep the kids warm.


The scarf has a beautiful texture of many yarns combined together. Way to get rid of your bits and odds.


And what do you do with your leftover yarn?


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Hello my friends,

I have received a letter from the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic asking for donation of knitted items. Hooray! That means people who are interested in socks, hats, scarves, and mittens know who to ask. Below please find the letter and see if you want to contribute to the cause. Thanks.

Knitting for the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Christmas Shoebox Program

Every year, the Maritime Museum partners with the Halifax Mission to Seafarers during their annual Christmas Shoebox program. The mission provides care packages to mariners during the holiday season. This year the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is asking local knitters to knit hats, scarves, mittens and socks for our visiting seafarers who often come from warmer climates.

The museum is asking for knitted items with the following guidelines:


  • Machine washable yarns (acrylics, superwash wool and wool blends)
  • Given that the work environment on board ship can get dirty, we ask that items are not knit in pastel colours
  • Stripes are acceptable, as well as variegated, tweed, or flecked yarns
  • No items with pom-poms, tassels, or fringe as these embellishments are a safety hazard in maritime workplaces


Knitted items can be dropped off at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. The museum also welcomes donations of:

  • Wrapped hard candies (no chocolate)
  • Soap
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • Shampoo
  • Shaving cream
  • Razors
  • Playing cards
  • Mementos from Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, or Canada.


For more information, contact:

Jason Climie, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic


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Many hands make… many hats

Many hands of Halifax knitters made fifty-three adult size hats, ten scarves, three pairs of mittens, a pair of socks, and seven pairs of slippers for the Metro Turning Point Shelter for men. Dulseigh, a knitter who started this initiative on her FB page, was hoping to get 80 hats because that’s the average number of clients the shelter hosts. I think we came really close to the goal since all this knitted goodness can keep seventy-four people warm, one way or another.

53 hats for shelter

Scarves for men's shelter
I love that woven scarf in front — it’s soft, beautiful, and classy.

Mittens, socks, slippers for men's shelter
This is a collection of items for extremities. I believe they are all machine washable which makes them practical for their purpose.

Hats for Turning Point Shelter
Here is Don Spicer, Executive Director, holding knitters’ gifts in front of the shelter’s door. We had a chat about knitted items, and Don said that they are most appreciated because they are warm and new. It was really nice to hear that, and I would like to extend his thank you to Dulseigh, her friends, and members of Fireside Knitters group. Many hands, indeed.

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